Perfect first round brutal high kick finish by Vitor Belfort!

Henderson not happy with the ‘early stoppage’!

The UFC Fight Night 77 which took place on November 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was packed with cage violence, many fights on the card ending with stoppages. The main event, which featured Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort (25-11) and the oldest man on UFC roster, Dan “Hendo” Henderson (31-14) perfectly crowned the night, as the bout ended with a bright display of brutality by the Brazilian middleweight.
The best word to describe the debut of the fight would be ‘patience’. Henderson landed a pair of nasty inside leg kicks in the first minute and a little more in the second. Suddenly Belfort, who waited for the perfect chance, landed a massive left high kick which caught Henderson by surprise. The following left hand dropped “Hendo” to the mat and Belfort unleashed a fearsome ground and pound, landing three more shots before referee Mario Yamasaki intervened. The fight was ruled a knockout and though Henderson was obviously unhappy with what he considered an early stoppage, it’s cleat that his chin, perhaps, is not so tough as it was several years ago.
Belfort’s win perfectly finished the ‘Belfort vs. Henderson’ trilogy which started in the years of Pride and moved to UFC. Belfort first faced Dan Henderson in October, 2006 at Pride 32 and lost the fight by unanimous decision. The second clash happened at UFC Fight Night 32 in November, 2013 and ended in the opening round when Belfort landed a head kick on Henderson scoring a knockout at 1:17. Almost two years since the latest fight the history repeated itself with a tiny, one-minute difference.
It their post-fight interviews both fighters were unclear as far as their future intentions were concerned. Belfort concentrated on applying to the Brazilian audience on social and political matters while Henderson expressed his frustration with the decision and addressed to his family, promising he’d be home soon. Perhaps, this is the time to retire or at least to sort things out.