Painful sneaky kimura submission

The only US fighter at the Korean MMA tournament shows great tenacity and skill!

Road FC is the main MMA tournament in South Korea and every time brings together mostly native and Japanese fighters. No wonder any American or European fighter who tries his luck here, draws much attention and sympathy.

Tyron Henderson was the one and only USA representative at Road FC 21 on the 1st of February. In a featherweight bout he was to face Korean Hong Young-Gi. Before signing with RFC, Henderson appeared at Destiny MMA-Proving Grounds (win/submission), Destiny MMA/Spirit MMA (win/submission) and Star Elite Cagefighting-Bombs Away (loss/decision), all tournaments being held in Hawaii. His Korean debut happened at Road FC 15 in March, 2014 and that fight ended in a draw. Road FC 19 in November was better – Tyrone defeated Jin Su-Yoon by a guillotine choke, so he came to the latest fight with some experience. Road FC 21 was the second tournament for his rival, whose record by that time was 1-0, win earned at Road FC 19.

The official Road FC webpage reports that Henderson and Young-Gi are strikers. However, not many strikes were shown and hardly one was worth remembering. After 25 warm-up seconds, Henderson attempted a takedown. Young-Gi managed to stand up but got an arm-triangle choke trap which he escaped not quite easily. After Henderson’s second takedown the Korean fighter mounted his rival but it was Tyrone who used the situation to his advantage. At the start of the second minute (1:42 of the video) he made the first kimura attempt taking hold of the opponent’s left hand and arm.

Hong Young-Gi obviously decided it was not a big problem, concentrating on landing head punches. What really surprises is the fact that he still didn’t consider kimura danger after the American had performed three more successive attempts! And he paid hard for that – skip to 4:10 of the video to see Henderson dislocating his rival’s right shoulder and winning the bout by submission. Great job, Tyrone.