Ozzy Man Reviews: MMA Showboating Fail

“There’s a time and a place to pretend to be Michael Jackson and this isn’t it”

You can always count on Ozzy Man to make a fail video even more entertaining, and his latest is no exception.

Amateur featherweight Joe Harding demonstrated why you should never try to show up your opponent in the middle of a fight during British Challenge MMA 18 on Saturday. Harding tried to showboat against Johan Segas, and he swiftly ate a devastating kick to the face. This will fill you with euphoria, jollity, joy and help you to remember your mate who dependably likes to flaunt yet is quite an enormous chancer who can’t pull anything off in life.

MMA contender Joe Harding chose to do a little shimmy. A bit, ‘take a gander at me, I’d dead great and I wanna flaunt’. You can take a think about what occurs next be that as it may, meanwhile, here’s the video for your review delight. Thumped. The. F*ck. Down. Mate.