Our man Levon fights at Hip Show Arena Combat!

Levon Smirnov, chief editor the web site Double-knockout in team battles Arena Combat.

Hip Show Arena Combat is basically an MMA tournament but the one-on-one or two-on-two fights take place not in a traditional cage or a ring but in a multilevel arena. On August 9, 2014 HSAC had its first American event in Bristol, Virginia and our man, Levon Smirnov, was a part of Berkut team (no shirts) alongside Yusup Suleimanov. The guys were set to fight against Blitzkrieg team (blue shirts) consisting of two brothers, both of them local MMA amateurs. Preparations for the bout were quite hasty as Levon learned he was in just a month before.

Our fighters drilled hard preparing to fight two vs two or one vs two. Their basic fight plan was to exhaust the opponents – wrestling was Levon’s responsibility while Yusup was to show his striking skill. It was the second round which should become crucial. But things went wrong in the opening seconds already – Yusup unexpectedly knocked out his opponent. If you think that being shorthanded means inevitable loss you are wrong, and this fight proved that too. The Berkut guys were not ready to fight against a single opponent, so the Blitzkrieg fighter managed to make it to the extra round which had to be one on one according to the rules. Yusup Suleimanov in his post fight interview said: “We had to choose which one of us is going to arena for the extra round. I stepped in and then I punched my opponent to the head while on the ground which was illegal here. So we lost one point and the Americans won”.