One punch HW knockout

Heavyweight bout ends with a one shot finish!

Kyle “Big Nasty” Cremeans, fighting out of “Team Destruction” delivered a devastating walk-off knockout behind the left ear of Jonathan “Farm Hand” Bunce, who never even saw the shot coming.
In what turned out to be a colossal moment for the undercard of Revelation Fight Organization’s 10th event, Kyle “Big Nasty” Cremeans took down Bunce, who was making his less than impressive professional debut, with what turned out to be the promotion’s fastest knockout ever!
How it went down is just as remarkable as the stiff & brutal headshot itself! Just moments after the two fighters touched gloves, “Farm Hand” came charging in on Cremeans, chin first and with his hands way too low for some reason, only to be dropped by “Big Nasty” in the first five seconds of the fight. The ref stepped in, mercifully ending the fight faster than it took Bunce to lace up his boots.
Representing ‘’Team Destruction’’, the 2-1 heavyweight from Ohio proved that technique is greater than physique, when he ended the fight before Bunce could even lay a hand on his opponent. Leaving “Farm Hand” staring at the ceiling, wondering where it all went wrong?! The answer of course was making the mistake of underestimating any member of ‘’Team Destruction’’!