One of the first Ronda Rousey fights before becoming UFC star!

The road to stardom is rarely paved with rose petals.

    These days Ronda Rousey tours over USA and Canada but that’s not the fighting thing. The undisputed UFC bantamweight champ and Olympic medalist in judo presents and promotes her life story “My Fight/Your Fight”. When in the cage, Ronda doesn’t like to waste much time to defeat her opponents. But her fans can be pretty sure that even if the signing session is scheduled for two hours only, Rousey will take all necessary time to have their books signed.
She is only 28 but her life experience has something many people don’t see in their entire lives. And it’s not just injuries and pain which accompany any pro fighter. Father’s suicide, drugs and alcohol problems, broken relationships – should we really wonder why Rousey gets in various “Top-something most aggressive fighters” rankings?
However it would be all wrong to look at this book as one big lament. “My Fight/Your Fight” is fun to read and very inspiring. Ronda shares her life lessons with appealing sincerity, emotions and wisdom. With every story she proves that an old maxima “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is correct. She kept struggling since her birth, as she was born with an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck which caused developmental delays when she was a kid.
“It’s not really a memoir and it’s not really a self-help book. It’s a little bit more a mature themed book. It’s a life story and life isn’t PG rated”, Rousey said on “Good Morning America”.
So we know Ronda Rousey as a prominent athlete and now it’s time to get to know her as an author. Many people put down their life stories on paper when they are done with their careers and time comes to sum things up. But Ronda has more challenges and wins ahead – so maybe it’s not her last book.