He’s a fighter! One-legged MMA fighter Matt Betzold.

One-legged MMA fighter wins in an impressive fashion!

Matt Betzold had his leg amputated when he was six years old after eating poisoned candy which was meant for his father after Betzold senior fell out with a motorcycle gang. He was in coma for 6 weeks and the doctors had to amputate one of his legs because of a blood clot caused by his poisoning.

The fight starts and it doesn’t take a lot of time for Betzold to shoot for a takedown, which he gets rather quickly. Betzold is looking to land punches from the top position, he gets in with a few of his shots. Kennedy can’t do much so far from the bottom as Betzold is throwing some heavy elbows now. Kennedy is bleeding, he got cut with one of the blows that Betzold threw from the top position. There’s a lot of blood on the ground already in a short period of time. Kennedy gets mounted, Betzold is sitting on top of him throwing punches, he’s looking to land an elbow. He does overcommit however and Kennedy sees this as an opportunity to get up. Instead he gets his back taken by Betzold. Betzold is throwing punches now while on Kennedy’s back, he’s looking for a rear naked choke. And he gets it! It’s in deep and Kennedy is forced to tap. It’s an impressive win for Betzold who dominated this fight with his ground skills from the very beginning. Matt Betzold is set to fight a Bellator MMA veteran Rodrigo “Ratinho” Lima (11-3) at LFC 40 – Legacy Fighting Championship 40 on Mar 20, 2015.