One kick KO! Professional League MMA 5 event.

Fastest single strike knockout in PLMMA. Fight was stopped at 4th second

Today you will enjoy the MMA video demonstrating the fastest knockout ever and… you will see a beautiful girl in minor cast)
So, Ivhan Bibiatov meets his opponent Mateusz Piechocki in the ring. Both fighters are from Poland. Ivhan Bibiatov (red T-shirt) 65,77 kg thus he is a featherweight fighter. The same can be said about Mateusz Piechocki (white shorts) except his weight – there is a slight difference – 62,14 kg. Both the fighters are approximately equal in their fighting experience.
Look, how Ivhan Bibiatov is standing in his corner deep in peace. He looks like he has a night out with his girlfriend and is just waiting for her at the moment. So the referee instructs the fighters and here comes the first round. And what we see?!! This is unbelievable! On the 4-th second of the fight comes the strongest left high-kick from Ivhan Bibiatov and Mateusz Piechocki is immediately knocked down. The referee stops the fight because Mateusz Piechocki seems to be completely unconscious. The referee shakes Piechocki’s legs on the watch for the doctors. Yes! This is the fastest KO indeed! The doctors are trying to bring Mateusz to life while the referee unveils the winner – it is Ivhan Bibiatov.
By the way did you know that each MMA professional athlete has approximately 12-14 training sessions per week but only 1-3 rounds in a bout per year. According to the MMA rules the physical shape of a fighter must be good all over to gain a victory in a competition and we could suppose that Mateusz Piechocki will have a long period of rest and trainings before the next bout.