One-handed MMA fighter drops his opponent with a barrage of punches

Llewellyn: “I do like to finish a fight quickly”

Dave Llewellyn’s popularity among MMA fans grew immensely after this video went viral soon after his knockout win over Lee Curry. The fighters locked horns at Raged UK MMA on August 1 in Swindon. For Llewellyn that was his second pro MMA bout and a special one too – previously he was set to face Lee Curry in a Muay Thai bout but the scheduled fight was cancelled.
Dave Llewellyn was born with a meromelia of the right arm. But even with a half of his arm missing he is a top notch striker. He made quick work of Lee Curry pressing him to the fence and then landing two huge shots, one of them precisely to Curry’s jaw. Llewellyn’s opponent dropped to the mat while Dave topped him and unleashed some finishing ground and pound.
With this win Llewellyn’s professional MMA record became 2-0, both fights ended in the opening rounds. “To be honest in a lot of my semi-professional fights and Muay Thai fights I finished them quickly. You don’t get paid overtime as a fighter. I do like to finish a fight quickly, it makes more of a statement”, Llewellyn said in an interview to Whoatv.
Just as the video of Llewellyn’s huge knockout went online, the heavyweight got an immense amount of support which perhaps will give him an immense boost for upcoming fights: “I never expected anything like it; I am totally overwhelmed with it. It is just crazy.”
Born in the family which had boxers on both sides, Llewellyn wanted to get into fighting since he was a child. However, according to his own words, he had serious problems with getting fights, as most of the opponents just didn’t want to compete with him looking at it as a lose-lose thing. Now that Llewellyn proved he’s a real deal in his two bouts under Raged UK MMA banner, he’ll probably find some strong rivals. Maybe he will have to move to the light heavyweight division as it provides more fight offers for him.