One FC – best knockouts selection!

A must-watch for those who still misses Pride FC.

A fighter drops his opponent to the mat with the most vicious head punch ever, then unleashes a fearsome g’n’p and the referee pays no attention to that letting the poor guy have all the punishment. A downed rival lifts his head just a little and suffers a terrible soccer kick which drops him unconscious. A high kick stuns the fighter and he sticks to the fence but there’s no stoppage until he falls down under a hail of shots. This is not an illegal amateur street fighting tournament – it’s ONE Championship, previously known as ONE FC, probably the most popular and influential MMA promotion in Asia.

Seizure knockouts, severe cuts, bad injuries and other things happen in UFC, Bellator and other MMA shows too. But ONE stands out of the row in all its brutality – that’s why this video gains quite a number of negative comments about late stoppages and allegedly illegal soccer kicks. One of the reasons ONE is so unusual is that its rules differ much from those we got used to. For example, when attacking a downed opponent, soccer kicks are allowed as well as elbows, knees, stomp kicks to the body and legs. As far as the judjing is concerned – yes, the referees may seem too careless and slow from the American or European point of view. But these geographic details and differences are typical for other sports too. For example when a soccer ref doesn’t stop the game after a nasty sliding tackle it’s usually called refereeing the British way – and that’s very well deserved.

Brutal and young, as it was officially launched in 2011, ONE draws much attention not only in the East but worldwide as it has some prominent names on the roster like Masakatsu Ueda, Brandon Vera, Roger Gracie and Ben Askren. The latter, by the way, stated yesterday he’s the best MMA welterweight fighter in the world – wonder, if UFC has something to say to that.