One armed fighter scores a devastating knee KO!

The only word we can say is respect.

Mixed martial arts put fighter’s abilities to the test every time when he trains or battles in the cage. This thing is hard to endure even if your physical conditions are okay but what if you were born with only one hand? Nick Newell knows it cannot be the reason to lose.

Born with a congenital amputation of his left arm, Nick started wrestling in his high school years. Today he has to thank his mom who insisted on his training when he wanted to quit after the first session. He won more than 300 wresting duels before turning to MMA. As an amateur he amassed a great record of 5-1 but his pro career looks even better so far – twelve wins and only one loss! In his amateur years, according to Nick, the hardest thing was the fact that fighters just didn’t want to compete with him, considering it a lose-lose situation. It took quite a time until everyone realized that Nick is just as dangerous as any two-handed martial artist and he needs to be treated as a real threat.

The win over Adam David Mays was Nick’s eighth in a row. The fighters met at Xtreme Fighting Championships 19 and all matters were settled in the opening round already when Newell landed a lightning fast knee directly to Mays’s head dropping him to the mat. One could say it’s not too hard to land a good knee even if you are one armed. Well, what do you say to the fact that Nick Newell won his eight bouts of twelve via chokes, armbars and a heel hook? No doubt, this guy is a true inspiration.