Ghetto workout with Kimbo Slice & LaDainian Tomlinson

Oldschool way of training, ”the ghetto way”!

It’s always nice to remember days of old, especially when you are famous and successful and there’s no chance you get back to a shabby house, a rusty car and worn out clothes. All said is fair when we talk about LaDainian Tomlinson, who gave ten years of his life to NFL, playing a running back for San Diego Chargers most of the time. Five Pro Bowls, six times an All-Pro, rushing titles in 2006 and 2007 – that’s just a small part of his achievements and awards list. LT retired in 2012 and now is an analyst at NFL Network.

Sure Tomlinson can afford any gym he likes but in 2008 he took a nostalgic look at his teens and performed in several videos for Yardbarker Network titled “Train Like LT”. These vids are very motivating and extremely funny – partly because Kimbo Slice also acts here as Tomlinson’s training partner.

The main idea of all these videos, and the offered one as well, is that when you want to have a real workout, everything can serve as a training equipment. You do bench chest press with an iron pole and two metal boxes. You pump your legs with Kimbo’s little sister’s car (“It’s only two thousand pounds!”). But as we specialize in fighting here, our favorite is a fridge sparring. “Are you ready to duck?” – “Yeah!” – “Duck! Naisssss!”. Guess I should try it with my fridge some day.