Oldschool MMA fight: Brutal slam knockout

Fight ends with a nasty slam that almost paralyzes the losing fighter.

In the early stages of MMA, the weight class battles were very different from what they are today. In current MMA standards weight classes are extremely stringent but in the past it would be possible to see a first-time fighter take on someone experienced and much larger than them. In this fight that’s exactly what happened.

In Extreme Challenge 22 which happened back in 1998 in Utah, these two competitors faced off. In the early part of the match Bollock definitely executes a few great moves for an unexperienced fighter. He hits Fulton with a great flying kick and gets him in a quick sleeper hold. The problem lies he completely underestimated his more experienced opponent and his ability to body slam opponents with fury.

At the 43 second mark, Fulton lifts Bullock right up off the ground and plows him hard in the mat with a giant one handed body slam. Bolluck sees stars for the whole town and the match is over inside of the 43 second clock time.  Bullock has to be carried out on a stretcher after this gruesome body slam lands him directly on his neck and head. It was later revealed that his back had been broken the second on impact. Even after making a full recovery Jeremy Bullock would never fight in MMA ring again…