Nine-year old martial artist eliminates her opponents

This is definitely not a girl to mess with!

Few parents would let their kids play with a sharp knife or any other cold steel weapon. But nine-year old Jesse Jane McParland from Armagh, Northern Ireland loves to play with a sword. Honestly, the word ‘play’ doesn’t fit in here because this little blonde is a real sword master. JJ started to learn martial arts when she was only three and today she is a winner of numerous combat arts championships and a Youtube sensation thanks to her spectacular performance in Britain’s Got Talent this year.
When JJ appeared on stage for the first time her brilliant fusion of stunts, punches, kicks, tumbles and moves with a sword just turned the crowd and the judges crazy. Her performance, a bit scary and funny at the same time, helped her win everybody’s hearts. Judge Simon Cowell even offered her his security guard’s vacancy and asked to add a couple of villains to her next performance so that she could show more of her great sword, hand and foot work. And that’s just what Jesse Jane did in this video.
This little girl took on four rivals, all dressed in black like ninjas, and made quick work of each one of them. Then she took the sword and ‘pinned up’ the last villain to the floor with it. JJ’s teademark, a furious battle cry you wouldn’t expect from a girl, crowned the show.
Unfortunately, Jesse Jane McParland didn’t win the BGT final this year but she seems not to be upset with it. She trains a lot and in September we are going to watch her in her first movie – she acts in “The Martial Arts Kid” under the name J.J. Golden Dragon. The movie tells about a teenager from Cleveland who comes to a dojo to become a martial artist and stop being bullied. JJ plays a dojo student there, alongside with such martial arts movie legends as Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock.