Nearly a double KO in MMA fight

Check out this amazing moment. The double knockout that almost was!

In an amateur Welterweight bout at The Clash 11 fights between Dalton Holverson and Alydn Ashcraft both men landed right hands simultaneously. Holverson and Ashcraft would both go down hard, but ultimately Ashcraft would be the one out cold, while Holverson was just knocked down.

This is one of those rare things that happens in MMA and while we never want to see a guy get knocked out like this, it’s is pretty awesome to watch, even in an amateur context.
When double KO happens this is worth your time! This is the episode no fan should miss – there is nothing cooler than rare double KO!
A bout between Dalton Holverson and Alydn Ashcraft finished with something really incredible – a double knockout! How to become a number one contender in a situation like this? Just to come to oneself in time.
If you think that this is Hollywood trick and never happens, hold your breath and get ready to see it real! It is not as spectacular as Rocky 2 KO but taking into account that this is the bout in amateur context, it’s amazing! Now you see something MMA junkies have never seen for decades.
It’s a pleasure to cover a bout like this. Almost double knockdown occurred when both boxers appeared on the floor simultaneously. However, one of them recovered control fast. This made him a winner.
At first, we see two amateur boxers sparring for over two minutes. Both fighters punched each other in the face vigorously. Dalton Holverson seemed to throw himself all out to this fight. His rush and vigor was not in vain. Though his opponent Alydn Ashcraft made a range of precise punches the battle was more that he could handle after all. Hard fight continued before they stumbled to the floor. You can see it if you skip to 2:20.
In accordance with ref rules, this is double knockout (when both fighters remain unconscious on the floor). Both, actually, can get up and continue. When one of the contenders gets up, he wins. It would have been the same way here as well but one of the contenders happened to be more resilient. The epic draw had not occurred as one of the fighters could get up.
We were lucky to see a winner, otherwise, it would be a draw! Double knockout does not come up often so Dalton Holverson and Alydn Ashcraft treated the audience with rare treat!
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