Nate Diaz celebrates his win with a double “Stockton salute”!

He’s one of the baddest guys in MMA!

MMA is rich in badasses – cocky, intimidating, insulting and sometimes even disrespectful. But sometimes examples of such behavior appear to be more funny than shameful. Nick Diaz’s celebration of his win over Kurt Pellegrino is one of those.

The younger of Diaz brothers faced Pellegrino in the main card of UFC Fight Night 13 in April, In the second round Nate attempted a triangle choke which was a success. Before Pellegrino tapped out, Diaz found time to flex for the crowd and show double middle fingers aka “Stockton salute”, as Nick and Nate Diaz both come from Stockton, CA. Diaz never explained whom were the fingers addressed to but it’s more likely he was trying to insult the crowd which booed him for the most of the fight.

Actually, both Diaz brothers do love this gesture. Nick Diaz did just the same only a couple of months later than Nate at Elite XC, celebrating his win over Thomas Denny (the only difference was he did it after the referee’s wave off). And it was Nate who gave a double finger to Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone before the third round of their bout at UFC 141 and won the fight by unanimous decision then. But the grand prix for the worst middle finger still goes to his older brother Nick – his “greeting” of Frank Shamrock at the press conference prior to their battle under the Strikeforce banner in April, 2009, is still unbeaten in terms of disrespect. Shamrock’s reaction to that was a crotch grab which made the whole scene look as one big nonsense.