Nasty highkick to throat knockout

A.J. Williams accidentally kicked opponent to the throat and got disqualified

A.J. Williams, also known as “Black Dynamite”, fought and was disqualified in a match against Shane Johnson, called “Bigg” by his fans, at the Tuff-N-UffFestibrawl 6. Williams may have quite the record of wins but he needs to be careful of what he is doing in the ring to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. If he isn’t careful enough, he could be sacrificing his career. During the match he was doing a great job of wearing “Bigg” down to the point where he would have been able to easily defeat him. Then he accidentally landed a striker to his opponent’s throat that finished him off for good. According to the mixed martial arts official rules created by the Ultimate Fight Championships, no fighter is to make any attack to the throat including anything that would involve holding the opponents trachea. I can only imagine the types of injuries that we would see if this was something that was allowable or even encourage. There is a reason that this is something an opponent would be disqualified for and that reason is safety. The rules are put in place to make sure that the fighters stay safe during the game.

As a result of his illegal move, A.J. Williams “Black Dynamite, was disqualified from the match and forfeited the win in to the hands of his opponent Shane Johnson “Bigg”. This must have come as an easy, but painful win for Shane Johnson. The last match that “Bigg” fought in was back in August of 2013, he lost to Jason Gonzalez due to submission while he was in a triangle choke hold. Sounds like a rough last couple fights in his history, I’m not sure if he’s done with his mixed martial arts career, or if we should expect to get more out of him later. My hopes are that he is in an extended period of training and just waiting to come back to us. I would love to see more of what Shane “Bigg” Johnson has to offer.

“Black Dynamite” seems to have learned his lesson when he was disqualified for this move. He still has an active mixed martial arts career to this day. This year he has won a fight by knockout in the first fifty seconds and then lost a fight (but it was a split decision).