Muay Thai KO of the year!

A must-watch for any martial arts fan!

With all respect to major promotions, they are not the only ones who can provide the crowd with a great fighting show. Eruption 11 promoted by Prophecy Promotions appeared to be a real blessing for Australian Muay Thai fans. The show took place on April 10 in Queensland with thirteen bouts on the card, four of them female. Those who came to Eagle Sports Complex to see it live, were given a maximum dose of Muay Thai action per minute with fights which would fit anyone’s taste – from long exhausting clashes ending in decision to quick first round stoppages by KO or TKO.

The main event of the night featured local superstar Jamie Stamp and Japan’s Yukiya Nakamura who were going to determine the fate of the WMC Eruption Intercontinental title. This fight went all the distance and Jamie Stamp was announced a winner and a title holder by the referees decision. But it was not the main event that became a Youtube sensation but the final fight of the night between Dejan Ross (white trunks) and Daniel Vovlsaga (black trunks).

Unfortunately, the full video of the bout is not yet available (hope, Eruption still has it and will not hesitate to upload the footage). So we don’t know for sure when exactly that stunning knockout happened but it is another KO of the year title contender anyway, not only in Muay Thai but across all combat sports as well. That spinning heel kick by Ross just cut Valvsaga down leaving him no chance at all. Some would say Daniel kept his hands way too wide and low and hence somewhat helped his defeat but Ross’s shot was great and very hard to guard against. If the word “masterpiece” can be used talking about Muay Thai and any other combat sport – this is just the example.