Muay thai champion vs palm tree

Muay Thai World Champion is dangerous in and out of the ring!

It’s no surprise that 17-time Kickboxing champion Buakaw Banchamek’s training partners heavily pad themselves before mitt-sessions seeing as he fells full-grown palm trees in 40 seconds flat. Video shows the former Junior Middleweight, Super Welterweight, Lightweight and Featherweight Muay Thai champ gritting his teeth and growling like a rabid hyena before tearing through an unsuspecting arboreal kicking bag in a mere twenty kicks without so much as a hint of shin-pain. I can only imagine I’d be limping for days after throwing one or two kicks like that at an equally thick tree but having trained since the age of 8 Buakaw’s shin bones are conditioned like a pair of titanium baseball bats, calcium deposits and all. Other training videos of his are proof that his fists, knees, elbows and abdominal muscles aren’t far off and also depict the endless hours of cardio that keep him from gassing out in the ring. However, just because his endurance provides him the ability to go the distance doesn’t mean he is looking to win his fights on points. Unlike many other Thai fighters who are satisfied simply with winning on technique alone, Buakaw always goes for the knockout in his fights and is generally known for being one of the most powerful Muay Thai fighters in the world. In addition to this, Buakaw is not your typical Thai fighter who relies on his kicks because of his average boxing technique. Due to his K-1 background, Buakaw also has knockout power in his punches as well as his knees and elbows. Not only that, but unconfirmed rumors have stated that Buakaw has been seen taking part in Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling classes. Could an MMA debut be in this fighter’s future? One can only imagine the sort of human weapon this fighting machine could become with more grappling training under his belt. Fight promoters: if you are looking to sign a fighter who will put butts in the seats then Buakaw’s your man.