Most common mistakes in a street fight

The cost of each mistake is extremely high!

Recently we saw Nick Drossos with his top-5 ranking of devastating moves that can help you win any street fight. Now it’s time to learn Nick’s view on things that can make you lose in a street conflict, which is obviously worse than losing a bout – there’s no referee who can save you from the punishment, and the cost of a loss may be not just your pride and health but also your wallet and life.
Surprisingly, there are no physical mistakes in this list, all of them are mental. A street fight rarely goes the distance, more often it lasts just several seconds so you don’t have much time to sort things out. In fact, you don’t have time at all.
According to Nick Drossos, the first mistake is forgetting about awareness. By that the self-defense instructor means focusing on your enemy and forgetting about the surroundings, the people who accompany the attacker, or things that you might use as a weapon.
The second one is underestimating your opponent. You can be the best in your dojo or gym, you can knock out your sparring partner every other day but it still doesn’t mean you can effectively oppose a psycho, an armed robber or a bunch of thugs. Even if your opponent looks miserable, weak and easy to beat the hell out of, be warned: looks can be deceiving. Well, even if he really IS miserable and weak, he could very easily have a gun or a knife or some friends which are ready to help him (see mistake #1).
The third common mistake is assuming which means that you must not plan things beforehand, for example, the way you are going to hit. What you should do is react to your opponents actions and react as fast as possible. That said, the main difference between a cage fight and a street fight is the fact that a cage fight is about strategy and tactics while a street fight is pure tactics.