Most cocky MMA fighter ever

A rare case of being cocky and dangerous at the same time!

Michael Page’s fight against Ben Dishman at UCMMA 26 on February 4, 2012 was his MMA debut. But it would be wrong to think he was absolutely new to combat sports. The guy’s father, Curtis Page, was a kung fu teacher and Michael as well as his brothers started training as a kickboxer quite early and had his first fight at the age of twelve. In 2011 he joined the “London Shootfighters” team and a year later signed with UCMMA. By that time Page was 25, he had ten world champion titles in American semi-contact kickboxing and was named a Britain’s champion in kickboxing “a silly amount of times” in his own words.

For his opponent, Ben Dishman, it was an MMA debut too, but Ben had much less experience. The word “mismatch” is often used when people talk about UCMMA, this time it seems fair and relevant. In the video preview to the bout Page promised that “his fist would make love to Dishman’s face” and the only point where his prediction went wrong was the fact it was not the fist but the foot.

The whole fight (actually a little longer than a minute) Page was teasing, taunting and showboating, his hands down, head up straight – watch the whole video to get the full show. He didn’t forget to throw painful low kicks and punches though. Dishman rushed for takedowns, he was obviously angry and willing to do something in the way of return fire but, honestly, that was a cat-and-mouse game with Page playing the cat’s part. And then the time came for that splendid tornado kick which hit Dishman like a stun grenade.

We’ve seen some examples of cocky fighters who show nothing in the cage. That’s not Page’s case – since his first pro MMA fight he had six more wins up to date, all of them ending a win, only one bout lasted longer than one round. He represents “London Shootfighters” at Bellator now, and his British fans call him “the UK’s Anderson Silva”. By the way, Silva was asked about Page in an interview. His verdict was “He’s good. No seriously, he’s really good”.