Most awesome UFC victory celebrations

UFC’s top 5 craziest post-fght celebrations!

    MMA would be spectacular and fun even if every fight ended just with a good punch or a cunning submission followed by the winner’s name ranted by the announcer. But there are martial artists who can make an equally great show during the bout and in the first post-fight seconds.

No wonder not only best knockouts and submissions but also best celebrations are ranked sometimes. Brendan Schaub, a martial artist and a podcaster, invited Kenny Florian and Michael Bisping to choose the best celebrations in the episode 204 of “UFC now”. According to Schaub, whose top-5 selection opens the video, the best showmen in the octagon are, from the bottom to the top, Ronaldo Souza, Tito Ortiz, Josh Barnett, BJ Penn and Stephen Thompson.

So we have two celebrations which test the fighters’ athletic skills (Souza’s alligator crawl and Thompson’s ninja flip), two very scary celebrations (Tito Ortiz’s grave digging and throat slash by Barnett) and an absolutely insane face slap combo by BJ Penn. Each one has its own story, some of the stories are really interesting. For example Souza’s alligator crawl and chomping comes from his nickname “Jacare” which is “alligator” in Portuguese. Josh Barnett’s throat slash became a trademark and perhaps many fighters would like to do the same. But the luckiest was Travis Browne who copied “the Warmaster’s” gesture after he had defeated him at UFC 168 in December 2013. And when Tito Ortiz imitated burying Evan Tanner after a superb knockout in 2001 (this was the first time Ortiz celebrated like that), he could hardly imagine Tanner would die only seven years later. If it were not for Tanner’s death, Tito’s celebration would hardly get in various “most disrespectful sports celebrations” rankings.

So here they are for you to choose the best one which fits your taste. Watch the whole video to get Kenny Florian’s and Michael Bisping’s viewpoint on what a remarkable celebration is.