Brutal heavyweight brawl Combat8:03

Check out one more heavyweight battle from C8 event

Combat 8 is a style of fighting that actually allows MMA fighters and boxers to compete against each other. The fights are designed so that there are three rounds in a match. three minutes in each round to gain the maximum action from each competitor. In this Combat 8 a fight between Tai Tuivasa versus Peter Graham had me on the edge of my seat.
Peter Graham, also known as ‘The Chief’, is a professional kickboxer, boxer and mixed martial artist hailing from Australia. Graham got his roots in mixed martial arts by competing in karate at the age of eighteen. From his early karate years he went on to train for MMA with Akira Shoji as his trainer. MMA did not come as easy for Graham like karate may have. Peter lost his very first MMA match and went on to lose a few after that too, but he has overcome some of his earlier difficulties and seems to be a stronger competitor now. He also competes in boxing, after losing his first three boxing bouts he managed to win 8 times while having 1 draw.
Graham’s opponent for this Combat 8 match is Tai Tuivasa. Tai has stepped out of the ring for a little while without any expected date that he will be back in the ring, just a note to his fans that he will be back better and stronger next time. Tai has plenty of career left to him though, he has only just turned 21. During this particular fight Tai looks pretty tired before he is completely taken out by Graham but it certainly wasn’t without a fight, Tai was throwing some heavy strikes during this fight against a much more experienced striker in Peter Graham. Tuivasa, also called ‘BAM BAM’, trained for eighteen months at the Elite Fight Gym and actually started competing as a teenager. He has impressed many fans with his quick and speedy footwork. If Tuivasa gets the training that he needs then we can expect to see more great matches from him in the near future