MMA professionals vs. soccer hooligans!

Team brawl starts without the referee’s permission!

    The Team Fighting Championship tournament which is held in Latvia, is known as one of the most brutal, barely legal fighting. Teams of five fighters each clash in a large ring and fight until one team is totally eliminated – actually it’s a street fight or a barroom brawl where opponents wear rashguards, trunks and gloves instead of jeans and hoodies.

American team “Peak Submission” and HFA from Gdynia, Poland were set to meet in the third bout of TFC 3. Before that the Poles  destroyed “Barbarians FT” from Russia  and were considered one of the favorites. The guys from Eastern Europe were so hungry for a fight that they attacked the Americans right after the head referee, Sergey Domnin said his “Good luck” to both teams. Even in the fight where the rules can be counted on one hand there always will be someone who violates them. Fortunately, they have five refs for each bout at TFC, so the false start didn’t grow into something worse.

After both teams got their rebuke from Domnin (“Listen the command! Not command to fight!”), the bout was restarted. This time the Polish team’s opponents were much more tenacious compared to the previous battles. There’s nothing strange about it because “Peak Submission” consists of the guys who have a decent pro MMA experience, some of them, like Ian Remmel and Allan Weickert, fought under Bellator’s banner.

Though there are some exceptions, at TFC the team which goes down a man first is more likely to lose. You can see the crucial moment of the fight at the 4:22 time mark – a “Peak Submission” member performs an armbar and his Polish opponent screams in pain. The referees considered it a verbal submission and sent off the HFA guy though he insisted he could go on. Since that moment it was all the way down from bad to worse for HFA which was losing one fighter after another. Some comments to this video on internet say the fight was a mismatch as the Americans were professionals while the Poles are reported to be just ordinary soccer hooligans. But if you’re in for a street fight, there’s no place for the word “mismatch” in your vocabulary.