Ultimate KO compilation – top 100 Knockouts

Here is 100 knockouts from all over the world. All types of KOs: from funniest to hardest ones!

Be astounded by the great 100 knockouts selection ever made! This possibility is afforded by Casey Oxendine and Cyrus Fees in their KO’s special edition “MMA inside the cage” 100th episode. Here you have the big break to take pleasure from the greatest mixed martial arts shows all over the globe!

The selection is made among 200 fights from different continents. And this is something special! A hundred KO’s among the people of various weight categories, nations, races and even sexes. This is quite an impact. Although America produces some explosive knockouts, some of the best KO’s come from the ever growing international scene.

But let us trace the grand finale of this video topic. Number 10 comes from XFC, the Big Knoxville show with Amaechi Oselukwue delivering a cross on Julio Gallegos. Now this is quite spectacular and unexpected fight! Number 9 with Randy Kittelson vs Zack Schroeder and a nasty flying knee from across the cage. In number 8 Vegas fight participated Justin Bucholz and his opponent Steve Lopez. Bucholz threw the big head kick in Anderson silva style. Number 7 at NAAFS Nathan Brayant delivered the big shot on Adam Milstead. Number 6 is from BAMMA, right over there in UK Rob Sinclair finished Diego Vital with an awesome upper cut. Number 5 combat presents Josh Kinser vs Rod Miller and lights out for the latter one. Number 4 came from EFC Africa starring Alex Cheboub vs Mark Jones. Cheboub landed one of the nastiest up kicks in MMA history. It’s the impact. At number 3 we head to M1 global, where Arthur Guseinov delivered the back fist on Tyson Jeffries. Number 2 at Instinct MMA met Martin Grandmont and William Sriyapai. So Grandmont blew stupendous head kick of all the times. At grand finale Jamie Norton took out Dre Miley with nasty kick to the face. Do not miss the chance to witness the greatest KO shows in the worlds MMA history!