MMA Fighter Uses A Faceplant Knockout Technique

Damn son, you got knocked the f**k out!

It’s clever, it’s effective, it’s a fight winner. It’s the faceplant KO that’s going viral. Quick-thinking MMA fighter Luis Raul Alvarez has seemingly reinvented the knockout. And people are going wild for it!
In what was a hectic blow-for-blow exchange, Alvarez produced a stunning KO from out of nowhere. And we’ve got it here for you below. The video clip begins by showing the eventual winner, wearing red shorts, battling against his opponent, Martin Georges. And ends with his pulling a classy, but highly unusual move…
‘Drop knee seoi nage’. That’s what this move is called. It comes from Judo.
We’ve never seen a knockout like this before, this is ace. More fighters should try it!