MMA fighter gets his skull cracked by a brutal flying knee!

This is probably the most damaging strike I’ve ever seen!

In the aftermath of Michael Page’s Bellator 158 victory over Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos, all that most people were talking about was the British fighter’s Pokemon-themed celebration.

However, after watching the clip, it’s impossible not to notice the brutality of the knockout itself, which left Brazilian fighter Santos laid out on the ground in the face of a flying knee from London-born ‘Venom’.

UFC colour commentator also stated how this was the one of the worst injuries he’s ever seen in the sport. “This is THE WORST MMA injury I’ve ever seen. Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Cyborg.” Rogan write on his Facebook.

It later emerged that Page connected with such force that it left his opponent with a fractured skull, and Cyborg was admitted to hospital in the early hours of the morning.

‘Cyborg’ has reportedly been admitted to hospital with the injury, and - as reported by MMA journalist Nick Strickland – is thought to have already been taken in for surgery.