MMA fighter gets choked out and the referee doesn’t notice!

Bravo, Chad George, and boo, Milan Ayers.

Chad George showed that fair play in MMA is not just pre-fight glove tapping and post-fight hugs. His Bellator 136 bantamweight preliminary fight actually ended a double win – not only he defeated Mark Vorgeas but he also won the crowd’s hearts and that might be even worthier.

Vorgeas headed for the guillotine choke in the debut round and as the fight moved to the ground, George performed one of the rarest and hardest MMA tricks, a Von Flue choke. This kind of shoulder choke was dubbed after Jason Lee Von Flue, an American martial artist who applied it at UFC Ultimate Fight Night 3 in 2006 and defeated Alex Karalexis.

George locked his hands together and shifted all his body weight through his shoulder into Vorgeas’s neck as the ref Milan Ayers stood aside. Suddenly George realized his opponent was out, let go of the choke and signaled to the ref it was just the time to stop the fight. Ayers walked closer and – surprise, surprise! – said that Vorgeas was okay to go on. George stood up saying “He’s out!” and this time Ayers finally agreed that Mark Vorgeas who was lying still with his eyes rolled back couldn’t continue.

After the fight the medics verdict for Mark Vorgeas was 7-day mandatory rest period. And it’s his opponent, not the referee, whom Mark should thank that it was nothing more serious than that. Actually, George could easily keep choking Vorgeas or switch to g’n’p – both decisions would have been legal. Fortunately, he had something different on his mind. “Clearly, the fight was over and I didn’t want to cause any more damage than needed to be done. I would hope someone would do the same for me if the roles were reversed. We both have families to go home to. This is a tough business and we know what can happen. You sometimes see a guy get a knockout and walk away, but in this case, I was fortunate to be able to get a submission and walk away”, George said in the post-fight interview to Yahoo Sports.