MMA fight ends with a mean head butt!

Actually, he screwed the head butt too

John Sanborn, a 40-year old newcomer to mixed martial arts from Williston, North Dakota, kept coming to the gym twice a day, forty hours a week for a whole month to get ready for his pro MMA debut at Prize FC 11: Rock N Rumble on August 28, 2015. He was set to fight against his fellow citizen Bruce Sessemen who entered the cage four times as a pro and lost all four bouts.
We have no idea, whether there was some long-time beef between these two, but Sessemen and Sanborn had a brawl at the weigh-ins. On the fight day they started fighting backstage three times and had to be separated by the staff members.
When the fight began, Sanborn got everything under his control immediately. He performed an early takedown and by the end of the second minute of the opening round he took Sessemen’s back to secure an instant rear naked choke. Sessemen had no chance at all as he had hardly landed a single punch in the course of the fight.
Right after the fight was stopped, Sessemen came to Sanborn as if to congratulate the winner. A ‘friendly’ hug, however, was followed by a sneaky head butt. What makes Sessemen’s trick even more miserable is the fact that it was just as poor as his fighting and Sanborn hardly noticed it. Anyway, after his fifth loss in a row, Bruce Sessemen had to be escorted out of the cage and later out of the hall as he started several brawls with the staff.
Sanborn was absolutely not upset with the incident. “This is an awesome scene; great people. It’s about the people who work hard to train with you, the sacrifices and you just don’t give up. Being away from my wife and kids, that was the sacrifice and that’s what took me through the fight”, he said after the fight. After they asked him when he was going to fight again, Sanborn’s answer was “Tomorrow, if they let me.”