MMA celebration backflip fail

Fighter takes more damage celebrating his win than in the actual fight!

In this MMA bout the winner takes more damage celebrating his victory than he did in the actual fight. The fight took place in Japan at Grachan 4 tournament on Apr 10, 2010. Toshikatsu “Toshi” Harada at the time of the fight holding a 4-7 professional MMA record fought Akihito Hara, who held a 2-6 record with 2 draws back in 2010. As soon as the opening bell sounds we can also hear hip hop music start playing in the background. I’ve to admit this is probably the first time I’ve watched a MMA fight with music playing at the venue during the whole bout. The first 30 seconds of the bout fighters were trading strikes before ending up in a clinch and that’s where the next minute was spent. Moving around the cage but not letting each other go, That’s when the referee has seen enough of the stalling and decided to separate the fighters. “Toshi” moved forward and managed to drop his opponent, following him to the ground, landing a lot of punches but not enough to get the referee to stop the fight. “Toshi” takes his time, now picking his shots and all of them seem to be landing. Akihito Hara doesn’t seem to be seriously rocked but the referee stops the fight, Hara just hasn’t done anything off his back and kept taking clean punches to the head. Now that’s where things got interesting. There wasn’t anything special during the fight that we haven’t seen before in other MMA fights. What made this fight video go viral is the celebration part. ”Toshi” climbs on the cage, standing on top of it he tries to do a backflip but fails horribly. He lands flat on his back and seems to be hurt by that landing, crawling in the cage. Even the losing fighter is already up and checks if the winner is OK. ”Toshi” is more ”damaged” than the fighter he has just defeated.