Miesha Tate makes four guys tap in a friendly grappling contest

Don’t mess with the #1 UFC bantamweight contender!

The Janoskians are an LA based comedy group, which was originally created in Melbourne, Australia. The name Janoskians stands for ‘Just Another Name Of Silly Kids In Another Nation’ and the members of the group are famous on Youtube for their skits, mockumentaries and other funny videos. These guys just love to make fun of the others but things went all wrong when they faced UFC bantamweight Miesha “Cupcake” Tate. It were the Youtube comedians who got mocked and totally humiliated.
The 29-year old fighter, whose record is 17-5 by now, is famous for her grappling skills. Among her five losses only two came from submissions, both by Ronda Rousey, unsurprisingly via armbars. Well, if you lose to Rousey via armbar it doesn’t make you a bad grappler and Tate is surely a good one.
So before the grappling session started the guys were wondering how many times they would tap. The fact is, you’ll lose count soon after you start. Height, muscles, skills, nothing mattered, and Miesha Tate made quick work of all four guys. Armbars and slams, locks and chokes – none of the Janoskians could do anything against Tate. At first it seems the guys were giving odds to Tate (and her looks are really deceiving!) but soon after they had to try their best and still couldn’t outwrestle the UFC bantamweight.