Michael “Venom” Page scores another great knockout in his cockiest manner

This is Page’s seventh first round stoppage victory!

If the London Shootfighters export Michael Page goes on fighting and winning like that, it won’t take long until Bellator puts him in the main event. After his win over Rudy Bears the British welterweight has an impressive record of 8-0 total (4-0 Bellator) and what’s none the less important, he remains one of the most entertaining and unique fighters on Bellator roster.
Rudy Bears entered the cage to face Michael Page after scoring two back-to-back wins at Shamrock Promotions, over Zak Bucia and Josh Weston consequently. But even if the 36-year old Missouri native was confident and ready, he had no chance to demonstrate it. Page started with a two-punch combination which seated Bears down and then landed a stunning straight right punch that knocked Rudy Bears out only 65 seconds after the start.
Page’s dancing and jiving embarrasses almost everyone who meets him in the cage. His annoying manner allows him to get in the opponent’s head right from the start. Page is not a trash-talker, he just doesn’t need words to go under his foes’ skin. And before they can even think of some way to oppose Page, he lands that punch or a kick and, boom, that’s over.
But of course, all his theatrics would mean nothing if “Venom” didn’t have a strong kickboxing pedigree. His father, Curtis Page, was a kung fu teacher, so Michael just like all his brothers started learning martial arts very early. Before his MMA debut at UCMMA 26 on February 4, 2012 he already boasted ten world champ titles in American semi-contact kickboxing. Besides, in his own words, he was crowned a Great Britain’s champion in kickboxing “a silly amount of times”.