Michael Jai White teaching Kimbo Slice some new tricks

Kimbo Slice takes punching classes

Michael Jai White was never seen fighting in a ring or a cage, but his name is still well known and much respected by the martial arts fans. An actor and a stuntman, he is a devoted martial artist who earned black belts in Taekwondo, Wushu, Kyokushinkai, Shotokan, Tang Soo do, Goju Ryu and Kobudo. And though he knocks people out only on the movie screen, it doesn’t mean he cannot teach a pro fighter something useful. If you have any doubts about that, you can either ask Kimbo Slice or watch this video.
What we have here is Michael showing his view on punching to Kimbo. According to Michael, the key to a good punch – and by good we mean a punch that is not only strong but timely and well landed – is not letting your opponent see when and where you are going to attack. In the opening seconds of the video you may think Michael uses some kind of magic – the first two jabs he throws are way faster than the third one, but Kimbo easily dodges those two and misses the last one. The thing is that White actually doesn’t move his body while throwing his “magic” shot. Then Michael evolves his idea of non-telegraphing, not showing your plans and intentions to the person you’re fighting.
Is it useful? Sure it is. Michael’s idea is based on the common laws of people’s perception, so it more or less works in any situation. Is it any kind of universal truth, all-conquering strategy, a simple guide to beat anyone and anywhere? Sure it’s not. First of all, teaching your body not to telegraph is a hard work which takes much time and practice. And as there are not many trainers who are going to teach you this, you’ll probably have to do it on your own. Then, that kind of thing takes much control while fighting – and as fatigue grows your controlling abilities are very likely to shrink. And keep in mind that “non-telegraphing” shots are much slower.
But still, it’s a nice clip – Michael and Kimbo show mutual respect and discuss things which are interesting for anyone who trains martial arts. A picture paints a thousand words, so don’t hesitate to watch it.