Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo fight highlights!

Even his fans didn’t expect the way it happened!

Call Conor McGregor ‘a master of movement’ or ‘a master of verbal insults’ but he is a master of surprise actually. There were people who expected Jose Aldo to win the fight, there were those who rooted for the Irishman, some predicted an early stoppage, some thought it would go the distance, but a 13-second knockout with the only one strike landed by the title defender? Come on, that’s too much even for the most devoted McGregor’s fans. And that’s exactly what happened on Saturday night in Vegas.
Before the fight and even after it Aldo stated that McGregor’s constant taunting, threatening and insults didn’t affect him at all. However, the Brazilian looked, perhaps, way too concentrated compared to the contender who was absolutely relaxed. While most of the fans and experts, including Dana White, expected the opening round to be a violent exchange, Aldo managed to land a single shot – he started a straight right-left hook combo and was immediately countered with a left hook by McGregor. The Brazilian was out cold as he collapsed on the mat face-first, and McGregor landed two more hammer fists before referee John McCarthy could intervene. With his thirteen seconds win McGregor became not only the undisputed featherweight champion of the world but also the fastest winner in a title bout in UFC history.
Right after the fight there was no more time for trash talk. In his octagon interview Conor McGregor paid tribute to the former champion saying that Jose Aldo remains one of the strongest and fastest featherweights in the world. “But precision beats power and timing beats speed, and that’s what happened,” the newly crowned featherweight king stated .