McGregor vs. Aldo: weigh-in and the final face off!

Aldo goes offensive in their mental warfare!

Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor tipped the scales at 145 pounds each at the weigh-in in Vegas the night before their featherweight title clash at UFC 194. The brash Irishman entered the hall accompanied by the crowd’s thunderous applause, a dramatic contrast to the constant booing of the reigning champion. That was quite predictable, though, as McGregor seems to have won much more hearts in his long time confrontation with Jose Aldo.
What was not easy to predict, happened right after the weigh-in. Just as the opponents met in the center of the stage, Aldo, who never played the starring role in this mental war, squatted down, mimicking and mocking McGregor’s favorite stance and even brushed the Irishman’s chest forcing Dana White to intervene and separate the fighters. Conor McGregor looked obviously pissed off and that was, perhaps the first time he had to react at the situation instead of creating it. And we are only hours away from the moment when we’ll get to know whether Aldo’s change of the tune really affected McGregor.
Jose Aldo’s and Conor McGregor’s total record is ridiculous 43-3, which means these two really are the best featherweights in MMA world by now. And whether you root for Aldo and hate the Irishman or vice versa, you have to admit that they are a perfect, flawless matchup. What we are about to see on December 12 is a battle and that feeling doesn’t come because of all that trash talk but because Aldo and McGregor are really great fighters with different but equally spectacular and entertaining approach and game plan.
Aldo, who’s been ruling the featherweight division for about a decade, is a perfect striker able to land a deadly shot at any angle, from any position, with any limb. On the other hand, ‘The Notorious’, since his first appearance under the UFC banner, proved to be a real stoppage machine with a devastating straight left. And his obsession with movement, though it has been mocked by many, makes him, perhaps, the only guy in the world who can beat Jose Aldo.
Both fighters demonstrated absolute trust in their win at the pre-fight presser but in fact the result is fully unpredictable. While Aldo’s forte is his longer experience, better grappling and overall wider range of weapons, McGregor responds with a more aggressive manner, harder shots and the ability to endure severe punching which came in so handy at his fight against Chad Mendes.
So it would be a great fight anyway but there’s one more thing which adds a little more intrigue to UFC 194 headliner. McGregor is another UFC fighter most favored by the promotion brass. And we all remember what happened to the first one, Ronda Rousey, in Melbourne, when Holly Holm dismantled the judoka in the most brutal fashion. If McGregor gets ‘rouseyed’ too, that would sure make things harder not only for the brash Irishman but also for the UFC which will have to look for another star to make numbers.