McGregor on 64-year old “Muscle Up” Irish: “An absolute inspiration”

Conor can be nice?

As Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo toured the world promoting their fight at UFC 189, reports from the cities they visited were full of thrash talk quotes and examples of shameful disrespect. McGregor was a winner in both categories, which made quite a number of MMA fans wish Aldo all the best in the cage on July 11.

However, it turned out recently that ”The Notorious” can be not only cocky and insulting but also nice, respectful and grateful. And we have to thank Willie O’Toole for that. Willie is a 64-year old Irish who recorded a short video in his backyard garden as a gesture of support to McGregor’s. In his age he is full of strength and energy and the video shows why. Wishing Conor luck in his upcoming bout, O’Toole said: “I saw you doing muscle ups. I hope you can do them when you’re my age, 64, man”. And then he performed seven perfect muscle ups.

It didn’t take long for an answer from Conor. A UFC featherweight contender was filmed in a gym. “I have fifteen people over here in the gym, about two of us can do muscle ups that are here but still not with the technique you have, 64-years-old, an absolute inspiration”, Conor McGregor said addressing to Willie O’Toole. “I’ll try my best to bang out a few and see what you think” – with these words McGregor came to the bars and did six muscle ups admitting later that he still needs to work hard to match O’Toole’s skills.

The famous song “When I’m sixty four” by Paul McCartney says “Doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more?” Now we know what we really should do in the garden to retain love for life when we get sixty four and older.