McGregor and Aldo clash at the press-conference

Conor doubts Aldo will show up for the bout in December

Here they go again. Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo clashed at the Friday’s press-conference in Las Vegas. They never seem to get bored with this, neither is the crowd.
Even before the staredown McGregor stated his opponent would most likely dodge the fight. The Irish featherweight suggested that all 145 and 175 lbs fighters on UFC roster should get ready to face Conor as Aldo won’t show up. When two featherweights stood up from their seats, they started shouting at each other, the verbal brawl turning into a head push. Surprisingly, it seems that it was Aldo who leaned towards his opponent first. McGregor quickly countered with a more visible push forcing UFC president Dana White to intervene and separate the fighters.
What excited the crowd at least not less than the staredown brawl, was Aldo’s hasty retreat – the Brazilian grabbed his champ belt and left the place. Later it appeared that Aldo had to catch the plane to attend a wedding but at the presser Conor McGregor used Aldo’s leave to his advantage. “He’s gone running again! I don’t know whether he’ll be back. All I know is that I will be there, December 12. Like I always am there. People are always saying that I talk, and I talk, and I talk, and I talk. But guess f…ing what? I back it up! I back it up!”, shouted the UFC Interim Featherweight Champion.
McGregor and Aldo were first set to lock horns in July’s UFC 189. The two went on a world tour, accompanied by Dana White. McGregor and Aldo were trash talking and insulting each other in every town where they stopped. The hype got to extremes in McGregor’s native Dublin when the Irish actually stole the champ belt from Aldo at the presser and claimes it belonged to him. Unfortunately, later Aldo suffered a bruised rib and withdrew from UFC 189 which made McGregor fight for the interim belt against Chad Mendes.