Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Weigh-Ins and Staredown

This fight is destined to get in the history of boxing!

No matter if the bout ends in the opening round or goes all the distance. Even the name of the winner doesn’t matter much. Be it Floyd or Manny, their clash is going to take its place in the “bouts that change the boxing history” row. Boxing fans have seen a plenty of good fights, many great fights, enough fights that are worth remembering even a decade after, but epic confrontations can be counted on one hand.
Of course, Manny and Floyd are the best in their weight category. But their clash is not only a boxing thing, actually. It’s strange and somewhat funny that many people say Mayweather is more likely to win but they support Pacquiao. They’re equally rich and equally skilled but absolutely different. Mayweather embodies living large, glamour and self-confidence. “Pacman” is more about spirit and religion weirdly combined with tax evasion. Mayweather plays chess in the ring and his defense is perfect. Pacquiao steps in the ring to fight and is more of a brawl maker. “Oh, East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet”, Kipling wrote more than a century ago – well, here they are, set to meet in MGM Grand in Vegas tonight.
Okay, let’s cut the philosophy – the fight’s a must watch without it. Three titles (Mayweather’s WBC and WBA belts and Pacquiao’s WBO title) are on the line, the outcome of the bout can equally bring Mayweather his first loss or question Pacquiao’s career perspectives. Everything’s at stake and in boxers’ hands – let’s rock!