Mayweather’s bodyguard vs pro boxer.

Bodyguarding Floyd is less painful than boxing!

Floyd Mayweather may be one of the most hated boxers of all times but not many people try to say that to his face. Perhaps his bodyguards don’t have much to do, they get bored and bodyguarding a boxing star turns into just another day in the office for them. Nothing to talk about when you come home after work.
Seriously, we have no idea why one of Mayweather’s bodyguards decided to step in the ring for the first boxing bout in his entire life. According to Mayweather, the guy asked him for a chance to show his skills but he didn’t show much – a quick and vicious punch dropped him to the canvas in the opening seconds making his nose bleed badly. Hopefully he doesn’t get fired after that skill demonstration.
This unlucky fight became a part of the latest episode of Showtime’s All Access: Mayweather vs. Berto and gained more than 400 thousand views in just two days since it has been uploaded to Youtube. The whole episode features both boxers as they are getting ready to lock horns at MGM Grand in Vegas on September, 12. Actually, the bodyguard scene is not the only moment that is worth watching in this twenty five plus minute long video.
Of course, Mayweather remains in the epicenter of attention for the most part of the video and he’s always different: we see him sweating all over when he hits a punching bag, then we watch him spending time with his kids. Those who would love to see him lose, will sure appreciate the moment when he plays basketball against Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas.