Mayweather and Pacquiao prefight brawl – little people’s version

Who’s gonna win, Floyd or “Packman”?

It’s always quiet in entrenchments when a battle is just about to begin. Everything is said and done and all you can do is count hours and minutes until it starts. Makes no sense now to remember how the negotiations went or how did Manny and Floyd train to show their best in the ring. All bets are made. The moment of truth is near.
There’s actually one thing we can regret – this bout would have drawn even more attention should it take place five or six years ago. And if it did – Floyd Mayweather would not be such an unconditional favorite. When Roger Mayweather, Floyd’s coach, states that the fight will not go all the distance and end by a knockout in the sixth round, it’s okay – what else should we expect to hear? But even Freddie Roach admits that Manny’s killer instinct shrunk due to religious matters. So is there any chance for “Pacman”? Is there anyone who’s going to put on a word for him?
How about Mike Tyson? The former undefeated heavyweight champ calls Mayweather “delusional” after Floyd’s statement that he’s greater than Mohammed Ali. “I just like Manny. Not necessarily because he throws a lot of punches but because he’s very elusive and might be hard to hit. I think it’s gonna be a knockout. I don’t think it’s gonna go the distance”, Tyson stated in an interview to “Time” just yesterday.
Anyway, as the emotions overwhelm, the prefight hysteria turn into something really strange sometimes. The video here, posted by TMZ, announces a mini-version of Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao which is really going to happen on Saturday at Beacher’s Madhouse in MGM Grand (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA). No kidding, this fight is really scheduled and the tickets are not at all cheap. According to TMZ, “for $1500 you get to see Floyd and Manny on closed circuit, and then after that Mini “Money” and Mini “Pac” will go at it live”. So you either pay $65000 to see just Floyd and Manny or you pay forty three times less to see two fights – really, it looks like a good deal.