Self-centered idiot meets the mat in 9 seconds

It’s so satisfying to see those lights go out.

Anyone who ever saw an Indian action movie knows that Gandhism has nothing to do with it. Indian action heroes are the strongest, the toughest and the most bloodthirsty guys in the world who can make a smoothie out of anyone with a single punch (or a single glance sometimes).
With that said we could dub Amitesh Chaubey’s nine-second win over Jason Ramesh Solomon at the lightweight title bout at SFL 43 Collision Course the most cinematographic knockout in Indian MMA. Solomon, who had four wins and zero losses on his record, walked out real cocky, with his own rap as a walk-out song and clearly overlooking at his opponent.
While Solomon was hugging with his bros, handing his baseball cap and Iphone to his squire and stuff, the title in the low left corner said that his strategy is avoiding any damage, using his reach and taking the fight to the ground. And yes, he took it to the ground but perhaps a little sooner than he intended and not the exact way he planned.
It took Chaubey only nine seconds to throw a big right hand which dropped the favorite to the mat. As referee Ryan Thorpe didn’t interfere, Chaubey unleashed a ferocious ground and pound and Solomon, who was clearly out, received some actually unnecessary punishment until the stoppage . This win made Chaubey’s overall record 5-3 and added the first loss to Solomon’s career.