Martial artists disarm a robber in LA

One leg sweep ends it all!

One sound advice to anyone who thinks of robbing a hotel – you better make sure there’s no any combat sports event going on in your city. Otherwise you may bump into some martial artists just when you think everything has gone smoothly.
That’s just what happened to a guy who decided to rob a hotel in Los Angeles in 2011. At first it looked like the whole deal would go nice and easy – the criminal took the money he wanted, meeting no resistance, and was on his way to the street. Suddenly he faced two guys in the lobby, reportedly ‘martial arts experts’, who arrived in LA to take part in some combat sports tournament.
Be warned – there’re absolutely no high kicks, devastating punches and anything else of the kind. The athletes quickly outwrestled the robber with a leg sweep, took his gun from him and handled the unlucky jerk until the police arrived. It might seem a little boring to watch but in fact that’s what MMA in real life should look like – minimum showboating combined with maximum efficience.