LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden)

MMA style fight between LPH (Poznan, Poland) vs Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden).

Football hooligans having organized and unorganized brawls is nothing new to the internet. There’re thousands of videos on YouTube from Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other countries where football hooligans supporting a certain team fight the fans of another team. It can be several people representing a team they support fight each other or even hundreds of them. Fights like that are usually organized and take place outside of the city, away from the unwanted eyes. There’re rules in these clashes and referees that control the action once the fight starts.
What we see in this video is a fight from an organization called Team Fighting Championship (TFC). Soccer hooligans from different countries can now legally fight each other in an organized event in an arena. Sounds crazy, right?
There are 5 fighters from each team going against each other and 5 referees in the ring. You aren’t allowed to attack the Adam’s apple, eyes or bite your opponents.
Each member of the team picks an opponent to fight against, if you beat up your own opponent you can then help out your teammates. Which is exactly what ended up happening in this fight when 1 remaining fighter was attacked by 4 people, the 5th man stood there watching. The whole fight lasted less than 50 seconds.