Low kick demo goes wrong with man dislocating his leg!

What the hell is wrong with this guy’s knee!

The fact that this is actually a trick might be worse than if he’d actually got his leg broken!
Video footage of a kickboxing demonstration shows a man’s leg bending in the wrong direction after a kick from the instructor pops his knee out of joint. The video was reportedly taken in 2012 but was only recently uploaded to YouTube.
The video, supposedly taken at a Muay Thai class, show two men at a practice session when the teacher delivers a low kick on a student during a training session. However, the demonstration goes terribly wrong when this causes the student’s knee to pop out of joint, forcing his lower leg to bend in the wrong direction.
The student is clearly in pain as he tries to sit down, but is unable to because of his awkwardly bent leg beneath him.
Instead of cries of horror, people behind the camera can be heard laughing as the teacher quickly positions himself on the other side of the student to deliver another swift kick that pops the student’s leg back into place.
Surprisingly, the student seems to think the entire ordeal is pretty funny too and is seen in the video laughing along with the rest of the bystanders.