Legendary double knockout at LFC!

Don’t miss this if you still don’t know what a double KO is!

Time to get back to the roots and have another look at the video which is first to remember when you hear someone saying “double knockout”. Tyler Brown and Shaun Parker are a part of mixed martial arts history due to their debut pro fight at the Legends of Fighting 25 in Indianapolis, USA on May 16, 2008. It’s hard to believe but it’s true – Brown’s and Parker’s shots were absolutely equal in strength, precision and effect and they were landed in the same second. So the bout was finally ruled a “double TKO”.

An MMA veteran Shonie Carter, who was the impromptu guest referee for the fight, had seen a lot during his career in the cage, but such an outcome was a surprise even for him – the expression on his face will tell you everything. He later remembered that one fighter’s father was mad at the referees because of their verdict and insisted that his son still could fight after the blast.

“My first thought was ‘holy ###’. Then my second thought was that someone needs to get in here and make sure the guys were OK. It was actually kind of amusing to me because one fighter’s father was trying to tell me his son was OK to continue. I was like, ‘Your son just got knocked out, and his opponent just got knocked out. It’s over’” – he said in his interview to MMAJunkie.

The sad thing about this fight is not just the fact that two guys were knocked badly. Be it a huge pay-per-view show like UFC the fighters would probably earn some money that could help them recover and boost their pro career. Unfortunately, the fight happened on a small stage, both guys got nothing and we don’t hear much of Tyler Brown and Shaun Parker these days.