Rare video: Afghan Kung Fu legend KOs Taekwondo black belt!

These moves and skill are just unbelievable!

When it goes about legendary martial artists, their biography is full of unchecked facts and myths which are very hard to rely on. Some people say that Ehsan Shafiq (Afghanistan) started learning martial arts when he was only seven years old, some state that it happened in 1988, when he already was an adult. The undisputed fact is that his first coach was Wahidullah Shafiq, his elder brother, known in Afghanistan and Pakistan as an alleged founder of Kung Fu. If Ehsan’s first encounter with martial arts really happened in 1988, it makes the whole story even more fantastic, because just six years later he passed one of the toughest tests we could imagine.
In 1994 Ehsan Shafiq faced a taekwondo black belt. The fight reportedly lasted nine minutes and what we offer here is a brief highlight selection. Both fighters demonstrate high skill level, brilliant technique and stamina but what’s most incredible is the fact that Shafiq (red) managed not just to endure the long and exhausting battle but score a stunning, Shaolin-like high kick knockout in the very end (actually, the fight had no time limits).
Later Ehsan Shafiq earned cult following among martial artists all over the world and then moved to UK where he founded seven Kung Fu schools. Unfortunately, master Shafiq died of a heart attack in June 2012, leaving numerous videos where you can see him in action and full strength.