‘Krazy Horse’ caps off 7-second KO!

This man need to be in the UFC !!!

Charles Bennett, now known only as “Felony”, had left his many other alter egos behind to try and reinvent himself. Of course, while the name may be different, you cant take the “Krazy” out of the horse. At Rizin, Bennett not only showed he’s still insane, but also one of the most entertaining and unique MMA fighters of all time. …Did I mention he’s insane?

Even walking out to fight Minoru Kimura, Wanderlei Silva was on his mind. Bennett had “who needs an old axe” written in Sharpie on his King of the Cage shirt and he even addressed Silva to the camera while facing off with Kimura. …Who he knocked out in a blistering 7 seconds. Oh my damn.

After this flying death punch, Bennett did a crazy backflip and celebrated longer than the entire fight. He finally reclined on the ground, out of breath, and gave the single most ridiculous post-fight speech ever. The PRIDE Shockwave 2005 beef that has been reignited is all too real. He wants Silva. Who will be fighting Cro Cop next as decided by some weird, impromptu ceremony that went down.
If you don’t know who he is, check out his HL video below !