Kongo vs Barry crazy knockout

This fight is a life lesson never give up

Cheick Kongo is highly unlikely to ever produce a more defining moment in his MMA career after his against-all-odds, last-ditch desperation knockout of Pat Barry in Sunday’s breathtaking UFC Live main event.

It was two minutes and 40 seconds of some of the craziest action anybody can expect to see inside an Octagon. After a feeling-out process where both men landed heavy leg kicks, Barry changed the entire fight with a booming right hook that pole-axed his rival.

Kongo had enough about him to turn his back to Barry, but the American’s onslaught continued, slamming follow-up blows to the head of Kongo, who momentarily got back to his feet only to be slayed by another cracking right.

This time it truely looked over, Kongo was back to his feet but neither leg was communicating with the other as he stumbled back towards the cage, eyes looking anywhere other than at the man racing forward to finish.

However, Kongo’s future was on the line, he’d only won one of his last four, and from absolutely nowhere he threw a desperation right hook that stopped Barry in his tracks, before launching into a follow-up uppercut – surely the last thing he had left – that flattened Barry in one of the great come-from-behind victories.

As Barry lay motionless for several minutes after the bout had ended, Kongo commented: “I had to win this fight, I saw the opportunity for the uppercut, and I knew I only had one shot.”