Two devastating knees and g’n'p knockout

Sometimes matadors lose too!

Some fights are a real drama and a pleasure to watch from start to finish. The main card clash between Levy Saul Marroquin Salazar (3-0) and Alejandro Velasquez (2-2) at RDC MMA 2 in Mexico City, Mexico was not like that. Still it’s here, on Double-Knockout and it’s not an accident or a mistake. The reason why we show this video is the fact that it ended with a highlight reel knockout in the most brutal fashion.
For most of the time it was a back and forth battle. Both fighters didn’t want to rush things and waited for the perfect chance. Salazar landed a couple of high kicks in the debut, Velasquez responded with a kick to the body. One minute into the opening round opponents suddenly pressed the pedal to the metal and started to exchange shots viciously but it was only a short burst of action.
The devastating knee that Salazar landed caught fans and commentators by surprise but what was more important – it came absolutely unexpected for Velasquez. A huge left knee to the head rocked “Matador”, another one stunned him only a second later and a left hook to the head dropped him to the mat. Salazar unleashed a fearsome ground and pound and threw seven shots at his helpless opponent forcing referee Gabriel Peralta Molina to intervene and stop the punishment.