Superheavyweight fighter put to sleep in 8 seconds

Devastating overhand right gives the fighter 8 second KO victory. Replay at 3:40

hat we have here is a fighter suffering a devastating knockout and probably some severe head trauma as well. Naki Havili is the unfortunate fighter that finds himself on the receiving end of a powerful overhand right from Joe Muir. The two squared off at Underground MMA Cage Fighting Series 1 in Australia and the entire fight lasted all of 8 seconds.

Havili throws exactly one punch and one kick before Muir lands a huge looping overhand right to his temple. Havili immediately crashes to the canvas and it is apparent that he has suffered some neurological trauma. His entire body seizes up and his arms shoot out into the air.

The ref does his best to quickly stop the fight but Muir gets in two more strikes on the defenseless Havili. The ringside medical staff rush to Havili and roll him on his side and stabilize his head. They work on him for a long time before he can even sit up.

Thankfully, Havili is able to get to his feet and stand for the official decision with a little help. While the KO itself is amazing, it is the final two strikes to Havili while he is clearly unable to defend himself, that overshadow it a little. Fighters are taught to fight till the bell or until the ref steps in but they should also be aware of the state of their opponent.